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I've always loved to read,  but all through school,  I hated to write.  Every time I had to compose an essay— be it a book review or a science report,  about a personal experience,  about anything!—I didn't know how to begin,  and even less how to finish.  But when I began teaching (after spending fifteen years throwing pots in my home studio),  I discovered that I really enjoyed creating games and writing stories for my ESL students.

Michelangelo said that his sculptures were already inside the blocks of marble:  his job was simply to take away the extra.  It's a bit the same for me.  I imagine that my stories are inside my computer.  I just have to hit the right keys,  and they appear on the screen!


Please visit my site to read about my books.  I promise I won't make you write a report...





On Monday,  September 9,  David Welch and I did a live interview about my political novel  “The Patriot Conspiracy”  on his  “Books and Politics Show”.

You can listen to the interview any time at:


You can read the preliminary written interview on Scribd.com :



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